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Looking to save energy? Take a closer look at your refrigerator.

First, check the temperature. According to This Old House maga­zine, the fridge temperature should be lower than 40º to protect against bacteria but no lower than 37º. The freezer section should be between 0º and 5º. For an accurate reading, you can place an appliance thermometer in a glass of water in the center of your fridge, or between frozen food overnight in the freezer.

If either is colder than recom­mended, adjust your settings. A 10 degree difference can boost this major appliance’s energy use by up to 25 percent.

While at the fridge, test the door gasket on all four sides. Slip a dollar bill between the door frame and the gasket and pull. Unless you feel firm resistance, replace the gasket: you’re leaking cold air and wasting energy.

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