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Electrical Safety

NEVER FLY A KITE NEAR POWER LINES. If a kite string becomes entangled in power lines and you are holding the other end of the string, you could be electrocuted.

NEVER TOUCH A DOWNED POWER LINE with your hand or anything else, such as a stick or piece of wood. Keep others away and call SLEMCO. ALWAYS assume a line is energized until our personnel arrive.

BEFORE INSTALLING A TELEVISION ANTENNA on your home, take a survey of your electrical service to make sure the antenna won't come into contact with any power line, insulated or otherwise. Have someone watch you work to make sure you stay safe. Contact between the antenna and the line could cause electrocution.

NEVER CLIMB FENCES AROUND AN ELECTRIC SUBSTATION. Very high voltage is present inside and the fences are installed to keep you out. Call SLEMCO if a kite or other item has gone inside the fence of a substation.