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Reading Your SLEMCO Bill

Download a Sample SLEMCO Bill

Above is a typical SLEMCO residential bill. On this example, there are five line items: Energy Charge, Security Light, Operation Round-Up, Municipal Franchise Fee and a Gustav-Ike Storm Rider (no longer applicable).

1. Energy Charge
The Energy line item is the cost for the kilowatt hours used. The cost consists of two basic components: the Base SLEMCO Rate and the Power Cost Adjustment, multiplied by the number of kWhs used.
Energy Cost = (Base SLEMCO Rate + Power Cost Adjustment) x kWh

*The Base SLEMCO Rate and Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) are described below.

2. Security Light

This charge is only for customers with Security Lights.

3. Operation Round-Up

This is a voluntary payment that rounds up the bill to the nearest dollar. This is used to help needy people in the SLEMCO service area (whether they are SLEMCO customers or not) with things that include, but are not limited to food, clothing, medicines, eye glasses, wheel chair ramps and hearing aides. It is not used to help pay utility bills.

4. Municipal Franchise Fee

The LPSC allows electric utilities to recover one-half of the franchise fee paid to municipalities. This line item is the mechanism used to recover that cost. It is only billed to consumers residing within the municipality to which the fee is paid.

*Base SLEMCO Rate and Power Cost Adjustment

SLEMCO does not own power generation facilities. SLEMCO is party to a Power Supply and Service Agreement with Louisiana Generating, LLC (LaGen), from which SLEMCO purchases all of its electrical power. The LPSC allows SLEMCO to recover this cost of power from its consumers. This cost of power is a pass through cost with no markup.
The Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) is the method used to recover the fuel portion of the total power cost.

The Base Energy Rate Adjustment (BEA) is the method used to recover the non-fuel portion of the power cost.